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Jul 28, 2014

Important for the Ukrainian! Hacked e-mail. UA/language /Anonymous asks Elite hackers to join them in a massive cyber attack on Israel ...

Important for the Ukrainian! Hacked e-mail. UA/language 

This post is intended for ukrainian speaking audience, we are sorry for that. Please use google translate to understand.
Майдан сейчас в тренде. Попытался посмотреть, что интересного есть. Попыхтел, но удалось все же вскрыть почту активистов майдана. Ха. Неожиданно оказалось, что националисты в лице первого замглавы “Тризуба” им. Степана Бандеры Андрея Тарасенко связи с крымскими татарами наладили. Кто такой этот Аслан Омер Кырымлы?

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  • Anonymous asks Elite hackers to join them in a massive cyber attack on Israel

    The online hacktivist Anonymous has a message for Israeli government in which the group has asked elite hackers from around the world to join them and conduct a massive cyber attack against the state of Israel.
    A YouTube video message uploaded couple of days ago talks about Israeli air strike on Gaza and criticizes the killings of innocent children and women.
    The online hacktivist Anonymous has a message for Israeli government in which the group has asked elite hackers from around the world to join them and conduct a massive cyber attack against the state of Israel.
    A YouTube video message uploaded couple of days ago talks about Israeli air strike on Gaza and criticizes the killings of innocent children and women.
      Anonymous Message to Israel and Palestine. Full Transcript! MORE ➜
      Greetings to the state of Israel, we are anonymous.
      Ever since the encounter that has angered all of
      Israel, which concerns the 3 missing Israeli teens, who were found
      deceased in Hebron, within Palestinian territories, has made the Prime
      Minster of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, take a pledge, and an oath, to
      bring about vengeance, that Satan himself, has not yet created.
      Such message, has made the citizens of Israel, wage war, and to rid Palestine, once, and for all.
      For over a decade, your violation of international law,
      and your crimes against humanity, have not, gone unnoticed. The
      oppression you place upon Palestinian territories have angered not only
      the anonymous collective, but all of mankind.
      The disgusting authority you bring to the people that
      came to accept you, but now despise you, because of your ruthless
      manner, and your violent ways, have made our legion, interfere,
      countless, times..
      The Israeli Defense Force, and their barbaric and
      inhumane actions, in where they bombed, raided, and disrupted Gaza, and
      many other Palestinian locations to their very core, are only begging
      for more blood.
      The citizens of Palestine, specifically the West Bank of Gaza, call this event, one of the biggest Israeli attacks to date.
      And ultimately, Palestine, has reached their point of screaming justice to the face of evil.
      Instead of organizing an investigation that would lead
      to the perpetrators of this heinous act that lead to the death of the 3
      Israeli teens, Israel, insisted an all out collective punishment attack
      against Palestine.
      During this time, revenge attacks against Palestine
      grew rampant, once such case was a 17 year old Palestinian boy, Mohammed
      Abu Keir, was kidnapped by the citizens of Israel, according to autopsy
      reports, they forced him to consume gasoline, they then burned him
      alive. His cousin Tarek Abu Keir, suffered the same fate, yet lived,
      miraculously, he was beaten by the Israeli police and then prosecuted.
      The media call it, a revenge attack.
      We call it, genocide, ethnic cleansing.
      Many events such as these have occurred countless times
      all over the so called occupied territories. The IDF has killed 9
      Palestinians in search of the 3 missing Israelis. Over 250 Palestinians
      citizens were prosecuted under false charges, and scores of people
      injured over IDF raids and non-strategic bombing runs.
      In short, over 600 innocent Palestinians have suffered the wrath of Israel.
      The numbers continue to rise each hour.
      Even as we speak, Netanyahu still has no credible
      evidence to prove that Hamas, or even if the Palestinian people,
      committed these crimes.
      An anonymous council was immediately organized to
      combat this situation. And for over a week and a half, we came to a
      We’ve been fighting Israel and their terrorist state for over 4 years, and we have not grown weary or tired.
      It has only made us stronger.
      Therefore, we are calling upon the anonymous
      collective, and the elite hacker groups to join our crusade, and to wage
      cyber war against the state of Israel once more.
      This Friday will be a day in where Israel will feel fear tingling in their servers, and homes.
      It will be a day of solidarity and resistance.
      Diplomacy has never functioned with Israel, and
      co-operation with the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, has
      only made its terroristic military advance further.
      Palestine will be liberated, and Israel will suffer the
      same fate Palestine has been suffering for decades under their brutal
      and savaging regime.
      No matter how dark it may seem, or how alone you may
      be, always remember that there are endless warriors that are operating
      tirelessly around the clock to stand with you, to aid you, to both fight
      and protect you in these unjustified acts.
      We are anonymous.
      We are legion.
      We will never forgive.
      We will never forget.
      To Shimon, Netanyahu, and all Israeli governmental officials, you will not escape our chaos.
      Expect us.
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Jul 27, 2014

LOGS OF SUNDAY, JULY 27TH 2014/ Vladimir Putin’s empire of lies

LOGS OF SUNDAY, 27-07-2014
( Times in CET! ) :

It´s summertime here now...

- RADIO MUSTANG, 6305kcs, 22.10hrs, SINPO 5-4,543,4-5
  ( Rock music )

- RADIO COAX, 6950kcs, 22.13hrs, SINPO 24332
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO BLUEBIRD, 1638kcs, 22.16hrs, SINPO 3-4,4243
  ( Polka music )

- RADIO FOCUS INTERN., 6286kcs, 22.19hrs, SINPO 3432,3-2
  ( Pop music )

- RADIO SW GOLD (?), 6210kcs, 22.22hrs, SINPO 2-3,433,2-3
  ( Pop oldy )

- DE VROLIJKE MIJNWERKER, 1630kcs, 22.31hrs, SINPO 3-4,434,3-4
  ( Dutch music )

- GM 41 SCOTLAND, 6965kcs, 22.34hrs, SINPO 3-2,433,3-2
  ( Pop music )

- DE WITTE TORNADO, 1647kcs, 22.37hrs, SINPO 2-3,423,2-3
  ( Dutch music )

- RADIO BATAVIER, 1670kcs, 22.44hrs, SINPO 2-3,423,2-3
  ( Pop oldy )

- PREMIER RADIO, 6930kcs, 23.08hrs, SINPO 34333
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO MONTFERLAND, 6265kcs, 23.10hrs, SINPO 5-4,4434
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- UNID ON 6400kcs, 23.42hrs, SINPO 24332
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO EUROPA, 3930kcs, 00.30hrs, SINPO 34333
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- RADIO MINI POWER, 6220kcs, 00.34hrs, SINPO 34233 (LSB signal)
  ( Pop oldy )

Vladimir Putin’s empire of lies

According to Russian state television, flight MH17 was shot down by Ukrainian government forces who believed they were targeting Vladimir Putin’s jet returning from a summit in Brazil. An unnamed Spanish air traffic controller allegedly overheard two Ukrainian fighter pilots talking about the secret operation at Kiev’s Boryspil Airport. Ukrainian jets were supposedly seen tailing the doomed flight just before it exploded. Or, no — the plane was actually downed by a surface-to-air rocket fired from Kiev-controlled territory. Russian spy satellites recorded the whole incident, apparently. Sorry, scratch that: according to the Donbas Republic’s self-declared minister of defence, Igor Girkin (nom de guerre Igor Strelkov), the Malaysian Boeing was actually filled with dead bodies. ‘A significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh’ when they fell from the sky, Strelkov told Russian TV viewers. He also claimed that many of them had been ‘drained of blood’ and ‘stank of decomposition because they had been dead for days’. The whole incident was a plot cooked up by Kiev to discredit the separatists. ‘They are capable of any baseness,’ he said.
Indeed: the Kremlin-controlled media seem capable of any baseness in their rush to deflect blame and scramble the minds of their audience with conspiracy theories. Russia’s official media have been bending the truth to order for decades — apart from a brief and chaotic respite in the 1990s. But in recent months Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine has gone to a new level of credibility–defying cynicism. The kind of stories it is prepared to create to obscure the truth of what happened to MH17 — and what’s going on in Ukraine in general — have left the realm of spin and entered the fantastical.
Last week, Russian TV viewers were horrified by a report from Russian Channel One’s Rostov-on-Don bureau on atrocities apparently committed by the Ukrainian army. A hollow-cheeked blonde woman in her thirties, introduced as Galina Pyshnyak, ‘a refugee from Slavyansk’, recounted how she had witnessed Ukrainian army soldiers crucifying a three-year-old boy before dragging his mother around Lenin Square behind a tank. A horrific story to which she was apparently the only eyewitness. But sharp-eyed viewers recognised the ‘refugee’ as actress Galina Astapenko from Obukhov, near Kiev, whose husband Dmitry Pyshnyak is a former member of the notorious Berkut paramilitary police unit (since disbanded by the government in Kiev) who is now fighting with separatists in Donbass.
According to recent posts on her social networking page, Astapenko is enjoying summer with her own children. And there is no Lenin Square in Slavyansk. Television gossip credits the ‘crucifixion’ scenario to Yulia Chumakova, Channel One’s Rostov bureau chief, who is apparently a big fan of Game of Thrones — where the terrible sight of a crucified child at the beginning of the fourth season moves the blonde Daenerys Stormborn to tears.

Russian state TV has also convinced its viewers that the newly elected government in Kiev is dominated by ‘fascists’ (though far right parties polled around 4 per cent), and that the ‘self-defence forces’ in eastern Ukraine are preventing a ‘genocide’ of ethnic Russians by the Ukrainian army. Most bizarrely, they have convinced the Russian people that censorship itself is normal and good. In a recent poll by the Moscow-based FOM, 72 per cent of respondents in 42 Russian regions were ‘indifferent’ to the idea of media censorship, and 54 per cent said that the government had the ‘right to distort information for the good of the country’ — up from under 30 per cent a year ago. And though a large number of young Russians get their information from the internet, state television’s prejudices and worldview translate online too — in a recent poll by the liberal online paper, 43 per cent of respondents had a negative view of the Kiev government.
Interestingly, Putin himself has carefully avoided actually lying. He’s appeared twice on national television — the second time at half-past one in the morning, to coincide with the prime-time evening news in the US — to say that MH17 would not have been shot down if Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko had made peace. Technically, of course, he is right. But that is like saying that the accidental sinking of the Lusitania by a German U-boat in 1915 — the tragedy which brought the United States into the first world war — was Britain’s fault because Britain had failed to make peace with Germany. That twisted logic is typical of Putin’s KGB training — and in fact, deliberately spreading disinformation is a recognised KGB technique systematically taught to all officers. Fill the information space with crazy conspiracy theories and lies and enough people will believe you that the real picture will never become clear.
Always blame Ukraine — according to Sara Firth, who was until recently a reporter for the Kremlin-funded English language RT television (formerly Russia Today), it’s even part of the channel’s official guidance on how to report a story. Firth resigned last Friday after five years at RT after her editors ‘disrespected the facts’ of MH17. ‘I walked into the newsroom and they were running an eyewitness account of God-knows-who blaming the Ukrainian government,’ Firth told Press Gazette. ‘I was asked to burn the facts.’ RT — which has made a name for itself by reporting on homelessness in America, interviewing Hugo Chavez, covering conspiracy theories about Barack Obama’s real place of birth and hiring Julian Assange as a current affairs presenter — responded that Firth and the channel ‘have different definitions of truth’.
Burning the facts and changing definitions of the truth — to the Kremlin, those are perfectly legitimate weapons in a tooth-and-nail information war being fought both at home and abroad. The aim of this campaign is not just improved public relations but, in an updated version of Stalin’s dictum, to ‘engineer men’s souls’. Control what people believe, and you control how they behave.
Tragically, the empire of lies that Putin has created has real-world consequences. The rebels fighting in Donbass genuinely believe they are protecting their families from fascism. A frighteningly high proportion of Russians — including many intelligent and well-travelled Russian friends who should really know better — are convinced that the US is hell-bent on destroying their country. Propaganda works: and when it does, it truly does become a weapon that creates and sustains shooting wars.
As the evidence about the downing of MH17 points more and more clearly to a tragic blunder by inexperienced pro-Russian separatists using deadly rockets supplied by Moscow, the Kremlin’s spin machine has gone into a different gear. Western Sovietologists used to call it ‘whataboutism’ — ask about the invasion of Afghanistan and the Soviets would reply, ‘What about Northern Ireland?’ The latest permutation of this is: what about the Iranian airliner shot down by the Americans in 1983? What about a Russian civilian airliner accidentally destroyed by bungling Ukrainian troops in 2001? And — to charges that Russian media have lied — what about Iraqi WMD? Don’t talk to us about lying: your leaders lied, and the western press parroted the lies. The message is: you’re just as dishonest as us, but just more hypocritical with your high-minded notions of a free press.
Last week the Dutch Prime Minister said that Putin had ‘one last chance to do the right thing’ by allowing investigators on the scene. He might have added that Putin has one last chance to stop insulting the intelligence of the world with his obfuscation. But taking control of Russia’s independent media was the first thing Putin did when he came to power. His hold on the Kremlin depends on him being able to brainwash his people into believing his view of the world — which in the aftermath of MH17 just became more distorted than ever.

Jul 25, 2014


LOGS OF FRIDAY, 25-07-2014 
( Times in CET! ) :

The reality of life here at this planet ...

- RADIO TECHNICAL MAN, 6200kcs, 23.11hrs, SINPO 4-5,4434
  ( German schlager music )

- ODYNN RADIO, 6280kcs, 23.13hrs, SINPO 4-5,4434
  ( Far east raeggae music )

- RNW RADIO, 6260kcs, 23.16hrs, SINPO 33333
  ( Pop music )

- RADIO AKAI, 6300kcs, 23.18hrs, SINPO 44434
  ( ID in English, then pop oldy )

- STUDIO 52, 6450kcs, 23.20hrs, SINPO 3-4,4233
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO TURFTREKKER, 1625kcs, 23.22hrs, SINPO 3-4,4233
  ( Dutch music )

- UNID ON 1650kcs, 23.25hrs, SINPO 34333
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO STERREKIJKER (?), 1619kcs, 23.49hrs, SINPO 34333
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO CHANNEL 292, 6070kcs, 23.52hrs, SINPO 4-5,4434
  ( Pop music )

- LITTLE FEAT RADIO, 6950kcs, 23.55hrs, SINPO 2-3,433,2-3
  ( Pop music )

- RADIO FOCUS INTERN. (?), 6286kcs, 23.58hrs, SINPO 4433,4-3
  ( Pop music )

- RADIO JENEVER STOKKER, 1638kcs, 00.59hrs, SINPO 34333
  ( Pop oldy )

- UNID ON 1655kcs, 01.02hrs, SINPO 3-2,423,3-2
  ( Dutch music )

- DE VROLIJKE MIJNWERKER, 1633kcs, 01.05hrs, SINPO 4423,3-4
  ( Dutch music )

- UNID ON 1665kcs, 01.08hrs, SINPO 3-2,423,3-2
  ( Dutch music )

Jul 24, 2014

LOGS OF THURSDAY, 24TH OF JULY 2014/ PUTINs daughter is living near Hilversum/NL

LOGS OF THURSDAY, 24-07-2014
( Times in CET!) :

CLOUD IMPRESSIONS (Photos made yesterday 70kms northwest of Chisinau/Moldova)...

- RADIO TECHNICAL MAN, 6200kcs, 20.51hrs, SINPO 5-4,444,4-5
  ( Pop oldy, later ID in English )

- HITMIX RADIO, 6300kcs, 20.56hrs, SINPO 34333
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- UNID ON 6214kcs, 21.08hrs, SINPO 3-.2,423,3-2
  ( Instrumental music )

- DE RODE ADELAAR, 6290kcs, 21.17hrs, SINPO 4-5,4434
  ( Dutch oldy "Papa Leone")

- RADIO BLACK ARROW, 13860kcs, 22.35hrs, SINPO 35333
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO PLUTO, 6300kcs, 22.38hrs, SINPO 3-2,323,3-2
  ( Pop oldy )

- SLUWE VOS RADIO, 13680kcs, 22.41hrs, SINPO 34233
  ( Pop music )

- UNID ON 6322kcs, 22.44hrs, SINPO 4-5,4424
  ( Pop soul music )

- UNID ON 1655kcs, 22.47hrs, SINPO 34333
  ( Dutch music )

- UNID ON 6381kcs, 22.49hrs, SINPO 2-3,423,2-3
  ( Pop music )

- UNID ON 1620kcs, 22.51hrs, SINPO 3-4,4233
  ( Dutch music )

- LITTLE FEAT RADIO, 6925kcs, 23.15hrs, SINPO 3432,3-2
  ( Pop music )

- PREMIER RADIO, 6950kcs, 23.18hrs, SINPO 34233
  ( Pop oldy )

- MUSTANG RADIO, 6325kcs, 23.20hrs, SINPO 5-4,4424
  ( Pop oldy "No milk today" )

- RADIO MINI POWER (?), 6209kcs, 23.23hrs, SINPO 2-3,423,2-3
  ( Pop music )

- RADIO BRUGWACHTER, 1611kcs, 00.22hrs, SINPO 3-2,433,3-2
  ( Dutch music )

- RADIO MOBY DICK, 1649kcs, 00.25hrs, SINPO 34333
  ( Dutch music )

- RADIO ATLETICO, 1625kcs, 01.00hrs, SINPO 2-3,4232
  ( Pop oldy )

Dieser Screenshot soll die in den Niederlanden lebende Maria Putina zeigen (links im Bild). Quelle: Youtube.

Jul 21, 2014

LOGS OF MONDAY, July 21st 2014/ Letter to Mr.Putin/ Latest news: UN Security Council

LOGS OF MONDAY, 21-07-2014 :
( Times in CET! )

At "Carolineland"

- RADIO COOL AM via Hitmix Radio, 6293kcs, 22.00hrs, SINPO 4-5,4434
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- RADIO PYTHON, 6305kcs, 22.05hrs, SINPO 33333 (USB signal)
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- RADIO SW GOLD (?), 6210kcs, 22.08hrs, SINPO 3-2,433,3-2
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- UNID ON 1625kcs, 22.23hrs, SINPO 34243
  ( Dutch music )

- UNID ON 1649kcs, 22.26hrs, SINPO 3-4,334,3-4
  ( Pop oldy )

- HITMIX RADIO, 6265kcs, 22.34hrs, SINPO 3-4,443,3-4
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO BLACK POWER, 1610kcs, 22.37hrs, SINPO 4-3,433,4-3
  ( ID and talks in Dutch )

- STUDIO 69, 1654kcs, 22.42hrs, SINPO 34233
  ( Dutch polka music )

- UNID RUSSIAN STATION, 3700kcs, 22.45hrs, SINPO 2-3,533,2-3 (LSB signal)
  ( Russian music, then talks in Russian )

- UNID ITALIAN STATION, 4895kcs, 22.48hrs, SINPO 4433,4-3
  ( Long talks in Italian )

- UNID GREEK STATION, 1629kcs, 23.00hrs, SINPO 4433,4-3
  ( Greek music )

- RADIO UNIEK, 1644kcs, 23.24hrs, SINPO 34233
  ( Dutch music )

- RADIO BRUGWACHTER, 1611kcs, 23.27hrs, SINPO 3-2,423,3-2
  ( Dutch polka music )

- RADIO BLUEBIRD, 1638kcs, 23.30hrs, SINPO 4433,4-3
  ( Dutch polka music )

- RADIO SOERABAYA, 1617kcs, 00.23hrs, SINPO 2-3,433,2-3
  ( Pop oldy )

- ZENDER DIGITAAL, 1670kcs, 00.26hrs, SINPO 34233
  ( Dutch music )

- UNID GREEK STATION, 1680kcs, 00.29hrs, SINPO 3-4,433,3-4
  ( Greek music )


Zeer bedankt meneer Putin, leiders separatisten of Oekrainse regering !
Voor het vermoorden van mijn lieve en enige kind , Elsemiek de Borst !
Zij was 17 jaar oud, 5 gymnasium leerling op het Segbroek college in Den Haag en op weg naar vakantie in Maleisie, samen met haar broertje, moeder (mijn ex-vrouw) en stiefvader.
Elsemiek zou volgend jaar eindexamen doen, samen met haar beste vriendinnen Julia en Marina en deed het goed op school ! Ze wilde daarna naar de TU Delft om bouwkunde te gaan studeren, ze had er veel zin in !
Ze is er plotseling niet meer ! Uit de lucht geschoten in een vreemd land waar oorlog gaande is !

Heren bovengenoemd, ik hoop dat u trots bent o.a. haar jonge leven overhoop geschoten te hebben, en dat u morgen weer relaxed in de spiegel kunt kijken !
Ik hoop dat u dit berichtje , misschien in het engels vertaald (wat u als intelligente heren prima kunt lezen ) binnenkort zult kunnen lezen !
Nogmaals dank !
Met vriendelijke groet,
Elsemieks vader Hans de Borst te Monster, wiens leven geruineerd is!
 Ps meneer Putin: ik hoop dat uw intense gesprek met onze polderpremier Rutte u de ogen heeft geopend !! Ik weet dat u onder de indruk bent hiervan en zou het stoer van u vinden als u initiatief zou nemen met Russische militairen het rampgebied te bewaken zodat NL deskundigen alles nauwgezet kunnen uitzoeken ! Bij voorbaat dank

Security Council condemns downing of Malaysian airliner, calls for international probe


The UN Security Council holds a moment of silence in honour of the victims of crashed flight MH17.
21 July 2014 – The Security Council today called for an international investigation into last week’s downing of a Malaysia Airlines passenger flight in eastern Ukraine, and demanded that armed groups allow unfettered access to the crash site and ensure that its integrity is maintained.
In a unanimously adopted resolution, the 15-member body condemned “in the strongest terms” the downing of flight MH17 on 17 July in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, which resulted in the tragic loss of 298 lives.
It supported efforts to establish “a full, thorough and independent international investigation” into the incident in accordance with international civil aviation guidelines.
Council members also insisted on the “dignified, respectful and professional” treatment and recovery of the bodies of the victims.
Further, the Council demanded that the armed groups in control of the crash site and the surrounding area “refrain from any actions that may compromise the integrity of the crash site, including by refraining from destroying, moving or disturbing wreckage, equipment, debris, personal belongings, or remains, and immediately provide safe, secure, full and unrestricted access to the site…”
It also demanded that all military activities, including by armed groups, be immediately ceased in the immediate area surrounding the crash site to allow for security and safety of the international investigation.
The Council also demanded that those responsible for this incident to be held to account and that all States cooperate fully with efforts to establish accountability.
Last week Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman told the Council that while the UN had no independent verification of the circumstances regarding the crash, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was alarmed at “credible, numerous reports” suggesting that a sophisticated surface-to-air missile was used.
The apparent deliberate downing of the flight over eastern Ukraine, he added, highlighted the need for an urgent resumption of a ceasefire and a serious effort to end the ongoing crisis in that country.
“This horrifying incident serves as the starkest reminder of how dire the situation in eastern Ukraine has become – and how it affects countries and families well beyond Ukraine’s borders,” he said in a briefing to the Council.