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Apr 30, 2015

The change of the former frontwoman of German" Pegida " Kathrin Oertel: "I want to apologize to all Muslims"

The change of the former frontwoman of German "Pegida"
Kathrin Oertel: "I want to apologize to all Muslims"

Ex-Pegida-Sprecherin Kathrin Oertel (Archiv)

The former Pegida frontwoman is almost unrecognizable after her resignation. In a video message to Kathrin Oertel apologized to all immigrants and especially among Muslims for the smear campaign to which they once contributed.

First she contributed to the baiting, now she apologizes to all concerned: in a self-recorded video calls Kathrin Oertel, the former frontwoman of Pegida, the German people to to allow no more divisions. We must contribute to a peaceful coexistence. About the video, she shared Wednesday night via Facebook, they quoted the sentence of a friend: "I am left to far right, and the rights I'm too far left ..... then I was actually right in the middle. ... and would therefore have done everything right! "

"I want today announce me to speak, mainly because of the time held debate on my person, whether it be on the part of Pegida or part of the peace movement. First to Pegidianer should by the theme "betrayal" resolve and the peace movement should be solved by the subject "infiltration", because both is not true. "The Pegidianer would realize that they would do nothing more than to accompany the baiting, the stop against Muslims since the September 11, 2001.

.Therefore, She would like to take this opportunity to apologize to those affected. "And I would like also to take this opportunity and equal to apologize to all immigrants and especially among Muslims of you who live peacefully here in our country, are integrated, respect our laws and our culture and, most of you and the many forgotten here. I feel [...] jointly responsible for the smear campaign that has been unleashed here and for that I apologize and I can only do in the future everything that comes back to normal. "

Demonstrate .On May 01 against hostility

Peace would be dialogue and the only way to clear prejudices out of the way, so Oertel. They also urged the Germans to think about how they wanted to deal in future with each other. It must begin a to connect the people of this country, so that the people find each other again. This she did with her colleague, Frank Gebert, tried what was encountered not only on consent. The two were so even insulted. "That's going too far and that too does not belong in our society. If you point the finger at others, you should take the opportunity to reflect on themselves. "

You and another group of people wished that was wanted in Dresden for the causes of the events, rather than on the symptoms. Plans call for a meeting on 01 May, on the Neumarkt in Dresden at 15:00 clock. There are people coming together who had the courage to break new ground. Even 100 people had enough for a first step. It must finally stop with the People's Fission and distancing.

Her message to the German reads: "Be reasonable!

We must no longer let the people go, columns, neither politically nor in nation and even in religion. We are the 99% and we must not forget [...] and if we do not come together [...], then nothing will happen. "

At the beginning of the year was the face of Oertel Pegida movement. Apparently, a change of heart now has used with her. They described himself in an appearance at G√ľnther Jauch as "simple woman of the people". Now they are still as a woman of the people, which campaigns for a unity and a common cooperation.

The response to their message diverge. While some welcome the new intentions Oertel, others are disappointed and accuse them of themselves not to be true.

Oertels declaration of today

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