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Mar 28, 2012

No further logs of us the next days!

In memory of DJ Bobby/No further logs of us here the next days!


Bobby, our best friend, we had the last 12,5 years died today at the age of 15,5 years at 14hrs UTC!
He always took care of any transmitter facilities here and his grave is now at the same place at such montain there.

He only wanted to do good his whole life, but after big probems with arthrosis in his legs and when he was nearly blind, we decided this morning, when he was even not able to walk any longer, to bring him to his veterinair and to let him give any last infusion.
Bobby was dieing peaceful in our arms and we are sure that he is in heaven now, together with all those, whome he  liked very much.

Be sure...we really will never forget you, best friend of this world!



  1. My greatest regrets...
    I know well how awful is death of any friend, especially who lived with you for many years.
    Rest in peace, Bobby!

  2. Hi Paul
    Hope you are ok, not much on the 48m but noise this evening.

    Sometime after my dog Alfred passed away i had a very realistic dream one night. And in that dream i met Alfred together with a young woman. We were walking in a bright beutiful place, Alfred turn his head and look me in the eye's and i can se he is happy. The young woman take my hand, and at that moment of touch is so real. I feel her hand, an old womans hand, and suddenly i am awake. After that i realize someone close to me came back from the other side to let me know Alfed is ok, he is happy, he is in that place on the other side of the rainbowbridge.

    Now it's a little more than 4 years since Alfred passed away much the same as Bobby after having big probems with arthrosis in both back legs. But he was so young only 7 years and 9 months when he no longer could walk.

    I still miss him a lot.

    RIP Bobby

  3. Hello Paul,

    I wish you and your family much strength with this great loss.
    We have a special pet ourself; a Indian runner duck.
    A very unusual pet, but he is with us since he came out of the egg.
    There is no better friend than this duck.
    Unbelieveable isn`t it....

    All the best!

    Trans Europe Radio

  4. ;-( Paul, be strength please... i don´t know what to say. Dogs are best members of our families... But, knows nobody what is after death? Maybe the world there is better than here! R.I.P Bobby;-(

  5. My sincere condolences Paul
    much strength in this terrible loss of a loved one

    Bobby R.I.P.

  6. Hi Caro:

    I had the exact same experience with my first dog, Snowy. I know you gave Bobby a good life, and he would want you to have happy memories. Focus on the good years and the happy times as much as you can, and don't let the good memories be replaced by sad ones.

    Terry and Hercules

  7. Hello Caroline,

    condolences with the lost of man's best friend.
    We hope that you can look back on a great time together.
    last year lost our dog Tommie by a disease, we miss him still.
    Much strength in the coming period.

    Yours Anne