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May 13, 2012

LOGS OF SUNDAY, 13-05-2012/Pirate party at next parliament in Germany!!!

Two of our team members saturday evening
 In another development, the exit polls suggested Germany's Pirate Party had won seats in North Rhine-Westphalia, making it their fourth state parliament.
The Pirate Party has grown in strength recently with its calls for transparency and internet freedom.
Nationally, Sunday's election will not change the balance of power, whatever the outcome but opposition leaders warn it may send an important signal ahead of national elections expected in late 2013.

LOGS OF SUNDAY, 13-05-2012  (Times in GMT!) :

DJ Goofie at his weekend trip today
Boren mountain near Bilina at Ceske Stredohori (CZ) this afternoon here

- RADIO SPACEMAN, 6297kcs, 16.40hrs, SINPO 5-4,544,5-4
  ( German schlager/ ID and greetings )

- UNID ON 6305kcs, 16.43hrs, SINPO 4433,4-3
  ( Pop music )

- RADIO LANCELOT, 6288kcs, 16.46hrs, SINPO 4-5,4344
  ( ID in German and log talks about their station in German )

- RADIO LOWLAND(?), 6424kcs, 18.08hrs, SINPO 5-4,443,4-5
  ( French party music )

- UNID ON 6300kcs, 18.12hrs, SINPO 4343,4-3
  ( Pop music )

- UNID ON 6310kcs, 19.46hrs, SINPO 44434
  ( Country music )

- RADIO NACHTPIRAAT, 6305kcs, 19.49hrs, SINPO 33233
  ( Oldies )

- RADIO KANIBAAL, 6285kcs, 19.58hrs, SINPO 44434
  ( Song "Big in Japan", later also polca music )

- RADIO U BOAT 66, 3905kcs, 20.04hrs, SINPO 24242
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO RAINBOW INTERN., 3935kcs, 20.20hrs, SINPO 24242
  ( Pop oldies )

- RADIO TIDALWAVE, 6420kcs, 20.29hrs, SINPO 4-5,444,4-5
  ( Pop oldies )

- RADIO U BOAT 66, 4890kcs, 20.45hrs, SINPO 34243
  ( U boat sonars )

- UNID ON 1645kcs, 20.59hrs, SINPO 33243
  ( Pop music )

- UNID ON 1660kcs, 21.02hrs, SINPO 3424,3-2
  ( Oldies )

At town of Bilina (Czech Republic) here this afternoon

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