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Sep 23, 2013

LOGS OF MONDAY, 23-09-2013/ Security with Human Rights

Security with Human Rights

Governments all around the world – from Sri Lanka to Russia; from India to Saudi Arabia – use the threat of terrorism to undermine human rights, often through torturing people, holding them without charge or trial, and making them ‘disappear’.
Photo: © John Woodworth/Getty Images
Amnesty International works to stop governments undermining rights in the name of national security or countering terrorism. It investigates and campaigns in three main areas: exposing those who allow unlawful detentions, enforced disappearances, torture and other ill-treatment; addressing the lack of accountability by States; and campaigning to protect the rights of the victims of terrorism and violence by armed groups.

Tell the truth

As it gears up for a meeting of Commonwealth leaders in November, Sri Lanka must come clean about the abuses that still plague the island– and stop them.

No to confessions through torture in Russia

We urge you to take a stand for Rasul and ask that his torture is effectively investigated.

LOGS OF MONDAY, 23-09-2013 :
( Times again in CET! )

Unknown dog between Usti nad Labem and Litomerice (Czech Republic)

- RADIO TINA, 6285kcs, 20.23hrs, SINPO 34233
  ( German schlager music )

- RADIO BATAVIER, 1625kcs, 20.28hrs, SINPO 3423,3-2
  ( Dutch music )

- TANGO RADIO, 6210kcs, 21.20hrs, SINPO 2-3,423,2-3
  ( Tango music )

- RADIO CALIPSO, 1629kcs, 21.57hrs, SINPO 3-4,4233
  ( Dutch music )

- RADIO TIDALWAVE, 6290kcs, 22.01hrs, SINPO 4-5,4434
  ( Pop music, then ID in Dutch )

- RADIO TURFSTEKER, 1648kcs, 22.08hrs, SINPO 2-3,423,2-3
  ( Dutch music )

- RADIO ARMADA, 1620kcs, 22.20hrs, SINPO 34333
  ( Dutch music )

- RADIO PHILADELPHIA, 1665kcs, 00.27hrs, SINPO 24232
  ( Dutch music )

- UNID ON 1625kcs, 00.30hrs, SINPO 34333
  ( Dutch  music )

- RADIO BLUEBIRD, 1638kcs, 00.33hrs, SINPO 4442,3-4
  ( Polka music )

The same region at sunrise

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