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Oct 19, 2013

LOGS OF SATURDAY, 19-10-2013/ Greenpeace: Trapped in a Russian jail

LOGS OF SATURDAY, 19-10-2013 :
( Times in CET! )

View from Milesovka mountain, 837m, CZ to Lovos mountain

- RADIO PINK PANTHER, 6795kcs, 11.20hrs, SINPO 4-5,4344
  ( Pop oldy )

- UNID ON 6215kcs, 11.24hrs, SINPO 34243
  ( Pop music )

- SKYLINE RADIO GERMANY, 6210kcs, 17.35hrs, SINPO 44434
  ( Pop music )

- RADIO CASANOVA, 6240kcs, 17.39hrs, SINPO 4-5,444,4-5
  ( German oldy "Casanova" )

- RADIO TOWER, 6301kcs, 17.42hrs, SINPO 4-5,4434
  ( Dutch music )

- UNID ON 6265kcs, 17.45hrs, SINPO 23432
  ( Pop music )

- RADIO PINK PANTHER, 6796kcs, 18.56hrs, SINPO 44434
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO PIONEER, 6747kcs, 19.12hrs, SINPO 4-5,4434
  ( Polka music )

- RADIO TOWER, 6325kcs, 19.15hrs, SINPO 4-5,4434
  ( Dutch music )

- RADIO VENDOR, 1647kcs, 19.17hrs, SINPO 2-3,424,2-3
  ( Pop oldy )

- KING RADIO, 1625kcs, 19.21hrs, SINPO 34243
  ( Dutch music )

- RADIO AKAI, 1630kcs, 19.23hrs, SINPO 3-4,4243
  ( Dutch music, then ID and greetings in Dutch )

- STUDIO 69, 1654kcs, 19.26hrs, SINPO 34243
  ( Dutch music )

- PROFESSOR SICKBOCK, 1640kcs, 19.38hrs, SINPO 34233
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO TELSTAR SOUTH, 6310kcs, 19.55hrs, SINPO 3-4,4333
  ( Instrumental music )

- RADIO ARMADA, 1647kcs, 20.05hrs, SINPO 4334,3-4
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO LOWLAND, 6423kcs, 20.08hrs, SINPO 34233
  ( Pop music )

- UNID ON 1611kcs, 20.13hrs, SINPO 2-3,424,2-3
  ( Dutch music )

- TANGO RADIO, 6205kcs, 20.32hrs, SINPO 44434
  ( Tango music )

- RADIO CHANNEL 292, 6070kcs, 20.36hrs, SINPO 44434
  ( Instrumental pop music )

- RADIO BLACK ARROW, 6290kcs, 21.06hrs, SINPO 4-5,444,4-5
  ( Pop music )

- RADIO BATAVIER, 1675kcs, 21.09hrs, SINPO 34233
  ( Dutch music )

- RADIO BLUEBIRD, 1638kcs, 21.15hrs, SINPO 34333
  ( Dutch music )

- DE WITTE RAAF, 1625kcs, 21.45hrs, SINPO 3-2,423,3-2
  ( Pop oldy )

- STUDIO 52, 6425kcs, 21.51hrs, SINPO 24332
  ( Pop oldy?)

- RADIO BATAVIA(?), 1539kcs, 22.03hrs, SINPO 33233
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO BATAVIA, 1620kcs, 22.18hrs, SINPO 34233
  ( Pop oldy )

- UNID ON 1660kcs, 22.40hrs, SINPO 2-3,433,2-3
  ( Pop oldy )

- OVER 60 DEGREES RADIO, 6267kcs, 22.51hrs, SINPO 34333 (LSB signal)
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO BATAVIA, 1611kcs, 22.57hrs, SINPO 34333
  ( Pop oldy )

- UNID ON 1665kcs, 23.01hrs, SINPO 2-3,423,2-3
  ( Dutch music ? )

- RADIO U BOAT 66, 3905kcs, 23.30hrs, SINPO 3423,3-2
  ( Pop oldy )

- UNID ON 1651kcs, 23.58hrs, SINPO 3-4,433,3-4
  ( Dutch polka music )

- RADIO BARONES, 1632kcs, 00.45hrs, SINPO 4433,4-3
  ( Pop oldies )

- RADIO UNIVERSE, 6306kcs, 00.50hrs, SINPO 24332
  ( Pop music )

- UNID ON 1648kcs, 00.52hrs, SINPO 43333
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO BATAVIER, 1680kcs, 00.54hrs, SINPO 34333
  ( Pop oldy )

- RADIO READYMIX, 6450kcs, 01.07hrs, SINPO 24232
  ( Pop oldy )

Antenna systems at the top of Milesovka mountain, view direction Praha

Dear friends,

Ana Paula and 29 of her Greenpeace crewmates are trapped in a Russian jail for trying to save the Arctic from oil drilling. But our community could set them free if we help Greenpeace build a massive global outcry targeting Russia’s biggest global partners. Let’s reach 1 million to free the Arctic 30 -- sign now by clicking below:

Ana Paula is a 31-year old from Brazil who wanted to peacefully protest Russia’s plans to drill the Arctic. Now she, along with her 29 crewmates from the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, is locked in a Russian jail with no release in sight. But we can throw her and the rest of her crew a lifeline.

The Greenpeace staff, some in solitary confinement, are now facing fifteen years in prison on trumped up charges of piracy. Their crime? Hanging a banner on a Russian oil rig to protest dangerous deepwater drilling in one of the earth’s most beautiful and fragile places. Many western governments have already spoken out, but now Ana Paula and Greenpeace are asking the Avaaz community to help build a truly global outcry. Together we can call on some of Russia's strongest trade and political partners -- Brazil, India, South Africa and the EU -- to call for the release of the Arctic 30. Let’s reach 1 million to free Ana Paula and her friends. Once we hit that mark, Avaaz will project their faces in key public places to keep this story at the top of the news:

This is what Ana Paula's sister said about her: "In many ways, my sister is a typical Brazilian -- talkative, friendly, and full of life. But she’s also simply extraordinary, passionate about nature since she was little, and never hesitating to stand up for it even at great personal risk."

Now Ana Paula and her crewmates could lose 15 years of their lives, all for trying to hang a banner on a Gazprom oil rig, the first of its kind in the Arctic. This is an aggressive backlash against defenders of our environment -- stopping oil drilling in the Arctic is about protecting the last great wilderness on earth, where oil spills are almost impossible to clean up. Greenpeace has hired great lawyers who point out that the 30 were arrested in international waters, making Russia the one violating the international Law of the Sea. But being on the right side of the law may not be enough to regain their freedom, and their dreadful fate may be sealed soon unless the international community lets Russia know that this is a scandal that’s not going to go away.

Avaaz has a particularly powerful voice in many of these countries with huge memberships -- 5 million in Brazil alone! If we all weigh in now and build a one million strong petition, Avaazers in Brazil, South Africa, India, and the EU can ramp up the pressure. Sign now to help build 1 million people to help free the Arctic 30:

These Arctic 30 were brave enough to confront the oil industry in one of the last untouched places on earth. They are being silenced and intimidated by the oil industry for their bravery. Our community has stood strong for campaigners across the world -- now let’s free these 30.

With hope and determination,

Jamie, Alex, Emma, Lisa, Ricken, Marie, Julien, Diego and the rest of the Avaaz team


Russia accuses Greenpeace crew of 'piracy' in Arctic (BBC)

Dutch sue Russia to recover 'pirate' Greenpeace crew (France24)

What Russia’s Treatment of Greenpeace Activists Reveals About its Arctic Policy (The Atlantic)

Legal analysis by International law professor Prof. Dr. Stefan Kirchner

Black Ice: Russia's ongoing oil spill crisis (Report, Greenpeace)

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