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Mar 18, 2014

IN MEMORY I : March 19th, 2011

MARCH 19TH, 2011:

schwarze rose
" At such day you had to pass over to an other world. You always had been there for us and
with us for more than a half century.  During such long time you teached us, to be only good
as you had been always, to think positive and to hope always that anything and this world will
become better.
This world became better with your help, because you tried to be there for everyone, who needed
any help.
Mother Theresa was your role model, but you already had been the same at your life!
We will never forget your last words: Dont forget that at each human being there is anything good
inside of his soul, even if he has done anything bad...
and so you have prayed even for the inmates of prisons, that it should become better for them soon.

You were a unique person, marked by love and willingness to help.

Thanks for all this, which you gave to us...we will never forget you!!!

We are sure, we will meet us again,when we will pass over to the other world! "

P.S.: We just had been praying for you at this place

Hofkirche, Dresden, Inneres mit Blick auf Hauptaltar und Umgang auf der Empore
,,,any place, where you never had been, but we are sure: You would have liked such place very much.

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