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Mar 3, 2014

Statement of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic/ Statement MFA Poland/ Kerry accuses Russia of exerting 'pressure on Moldova'

Minister Zaorálek ( minister of Foreign Affairs at Czech Republic ) protests to the Russian Ambassador on Steps Taken in Ukraine

Minister of Foreign Affairs Lubomir Zaoralek summoned the Russian Ambassador Sergey Borisovich Kiselev at Cernin Palace on 2 March. Minister Zaoralek stated that he considers the steps taken by Russia towards Crimea and other Ukranian regions absolutely inadequate and agressive.
The use of military force against a sovereign neighbouring country, approved by the upper chamber of the Russian parliament, is absolutely baseless step grossly contravening the principles of the Organisation for Security and Cooperaion in Europe and gravely violating the UN Charter and the 1994 Budapest Memorandum comminting Russia, United States and the United Kingdom to respect Ukranian independence and sovereignty.
The minister of Foreign Affairs stressed the Czech Republic's support to Ukraine's territorial integrity and called on Russia to come to the negotiating table, recall its troops from Crimea and refrain from provocations that destabilize the situation in the region and can lead to bloodshed.

Statement on the situation in Ukraine (MFA Poland ):

In the context of recent developments in Crimea Poland strongly appeals for respecting Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and observing international law, including fundamental principles of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
Any decisions that will be taken in the coming days, including of military nature, could have irreparable consequences for the international order.

We call for stopping provocative movements of troops on the Crimean Peninsula.

We urge states-signatories to the Budapest Memorandum of December 1994, which gives Ukraine security assurances, to respect and fulfil their

Marcin Wojciechowski
MFA Press Spokesman

Kerry accuses Russia of exerting 'pressure on Moldova'

Moldova Prime Minister Iurie Leanca -- scheduled for a meeting with US Vice President Joe Biden -- got an unexpected visit with President Barack Obama as well, the White House said.
"The President praised the strong and important friendship between our two countries and underscored the United States’ deep commitment to supporting Moldova’s European aspirations," a statement said.
Both Obama and Biden "re-affirmed the United States’ strong support for Moldovan sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders," the White House added.
Earlier, Secretary of State John Kerry, who has lambasted Russia over its military actions in Ukraine, also met with Leanca, where he said Moscow "has put pressure on Moldova."
"There are challenges with respect to their energy sources and also their ability to trade. We are committed firmly to the direction that Moldova has chosen for itself."
Russia has strong ties with separatist movements in Moldova's Russian-speaking region of Transniestria and has not met longstanding pledges to withdraw its soldiers from the country, which it committed to do in 1999. Russia also keeps a large amount of armaments there.
Pledging additional funding to Moldova, the top US diplomat added: "The prime minister is leading a transformation effort in Moldova. We are very pleased with the fact that they continue their efforts to move towards their association agreement with Europe."
In total, Washington plans to increase aid to Chisinau by $2.8 million, bringing total US aid to $7.5 million for "their effort to develop competitiveness."
Leanca said: "Moldova is keen to build an energy interconnection with the European Union and American support is critical in this perspective."
"Same about the security cooperation. We see right now in the region some very negative developments unfolding," Leanca added, referring to Ukraine, which has accused Russia of pouring troops into Crimea, in Europe's worst standoff since the Cold War.

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