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May 29, 2014

Reset the Net: June 5th, 2014 / Anonymous we are Lorax Tribute for #censored radio host @Loraxlive

Reset the Net: June 5th, 2014 

 Don’t ask for your privacy. Take it back.
“I demand an open web that protects my freedoms from government mass surveillance. I expect the tech community and lawmakers to make this a reality.”

Anonymous we are Lorax Tribute for #censored radio host @Loraxlive
In the last few days, it has been reported that a prominent voice within the Anonymous community has been arrested alongside another. Lorax was an outspoken individual who, above all, truly believed in the various operations and causes of not only Anonymous, but also those outside the collective who shared similar ideologies. He reached out to those he felt had an aim worthy of promotion on many occasions, with such causes as freedom of speech, freedom on the internet and those against the machinations of the state which aim to take away the privacy and freedoms of opinion and expression that he felt we should have. In the course of this, he and his show have been invaluable in spreading the various messages from the guests he had; we now ask those guests to show solidarity with the man who categorically believed in them.
To all of you who have been given a time at which to discuss your cause, promote it and be supported by Lorax, we ask that you stand by him during this difficult time with public acknowledgment of your support for him in any way you can. If we don’t show solidarity with those who will go out into the public eye and will voice the fight that many of us feel we face, then we may end up without such a voice entirely.
We are the Lorax,
We speak truth to power,
We fight for a more just world,
We are the peaceful future,
Expect us. #FreeLorax
The Anonymous Solidarity Network (FreeAnons) is extremely saddened to learn that the AFP have arrested a man they allege to be our own Lorax, as well as another person alleged to be part of the Anonymous collective, in Australia, yesterday. We reached out to our friend and Freeanons vice president, Pamela Drew, who works closely with Lorax on the Lorax Live show – which we consider to be one of the most far-reaching and important projects Anonymous has ever undertaken – for her reaction and words:
“The Anonymous radio host of Lorax Live has been blocked from producing new shows with charges of hacking leveled against him. Lorax is a life-long supporter of human rights and a passionate believer in open information who has given generously of his time and talents to help educate others.
The Lorax Live show he hosts was inspired by Nelson Mandella’s, Radio Freedom that broadcast in defiance of South Africa’s apartheid policy and carried a jail sentence of 8 years for anyone who dared to listen. The show is now in it’s third year and has a roster of guests who span the globe and respective issues of censored voices and issues.
Listeners adore Lorax for his intelligent, caring and concerned conversational style that allows his guests to share their expertise and experiences in an unrivaled manner. Lorax guests include a long list of whistleblowers from the top tiers of America’s toxic power elite, including from CIA, NSA, FBI, SEC, World Bank and Guantanamo. Lorax has followed the inexorable development of the security state, as it has been battled in the courts with lawyers and advocates. That coverage spanned everything from EFF user tools to NDAA implications, with named plaintiff Chris Hedges or weekly updates of the Manning Trial with Alexa O’Brien.
Lorax and his guests give the audience an inside view of worlds seldom seen or understood: whether it is the impact of drones on life in remote Pakistan, or effects of genetically engineered food. He has also provided a platform for supporters of Anonymous collective to speak out against actions ignored or distorted by media, like Commander X detailing how OpIsrael raised a communications network for Palestine under siege.
With well over 100 interviews done by Lorax, he was well aware that he was a growing target for a corrupt covert empire and like many of his guests, has always been willing to pay a high personal price for speaking truth to power and fighting for a more just world and peaceful future.”
IRC AnonOps Channel #FreeAnons

We ourself will not give any further information at this website the next time...
we will stay 300kms west of the Ukraine border at such time.
Till next!!!

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