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Jul 29, 2014

UPDATE: Unusually high military aviation by hercules airplanes between eastern Ukraine and Dutch Eindhoven also still this evening

Unusually high military aviation by hercules airplanes between eastern Ukraine and Dutch Eindhoven also this evening

From any team members of us in southern Poland and eastern Czech Republic, we got today
the information that since a few days (and also today) there is unusually high military avaiation
by any hercules airplanes between the eastern part of The Ukraine (Kharkiv airport)
and the Dutch military base at Eindhoven.

AIR MANOEUVRE: The C130J Hercules military transport aircraft shows its ability to fight fire.
Any hercules military transport aircraft

The transport planes fly several times a day on the same route between those countries.
Route is different than normal...starting at Kharkiv, then flying via southern Poland to Sumperk area
( Czech Republic) - Usti nad Orlici - Karlovy Vary, from there to Germany and then direct
in northwestern direction for landing at the military base of Eindhoven in the southern part of
The Nethgerlands.

Untypical is that those military aircrafts can be observed by any normal radar system.

Very likely is a connection between the MH 17 shooting and the transport of victims,
BUT (!) the last flight was observed via southern Poland this evening at 20.30hrs CET 
( flying from Polish territory south of Opole to area of Sumperk at Czech Republic),
4,5hrs later than 16.00hrs CET ( when all victims should arrive at Eindhoven). 

International press agencies are reporting this evening that ONLY 1 Dutch and 1 Australian
military aircrafts transported such victims to The Netherlands, so question may be allowed why
so many hercules transport aircrafts with Dutch significations have been flying from Eindhoven
to Kharkiv and back (also still this evening) !

At Dutch military base of Eindhoven

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