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Aug 30, 2014

Support arrested Lorax of Radio Anonops anon @LoraxLive / Report: NATO states to form U.K.-led force in response to Russia-Ukraine crisis

Support arrested Lorax of RADIO ANONOPS anon @LoraxLive


Lorax that broadcasted on Anonymous radio was arrested

Last week, Anonymous radio host know as Lorax was arrested.

Everybody who known Lorax know he’s an awesome anon. Furthermore, the article now let us know he was also involved into his local community as an experienced life saver and a fundraising manager for Cancer Support. This kind of person doesn’t belong in jail! He belong to it’s people. The people he give each day of is life to protect.

If you’ve know Lorax, or Adam John Bennett, now is the time to get involved and help!

Report: NATO states to form U.K.-led force in response to Russia-Ukraine crisis

Creation of 10,000-strong force, which will hold frequent exercises and will respond to crises quickly, could serve as deterrent to Russia.

Reacting to the Russian aggression in Ukraine, the U.K. and six other NATO states are planning to form a joint expeditionary force that would bolster the alliance's power.

According to the report, the 10,000-strong force will incorporate air, naval and ground units. It is to be ready to respond to crises rapidly and to hold regular, frequent exercises in Europe and elsewhere. 
The force will reportedly be led by British commanders. The other participating nations – Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and the Netherlands – will contribute special troops and units. Canada has also showed interest in joining the endeavor.

The details of the planned measure are yet to be worked out. Nevertheless, the Financial Times cited analysts as saying that the step could send a message to Russia, which, according to NATO, has deployed artillery and more than 1,000 troops in Ukraine.

Moscow still publicly denies its forces are fighting to support pro-Russian rebels who have declared independence in two provinces of eastern Ukraine. But the rebels themselves have all but confirmed it, saying thousands of Russian troops have fought on their behalf while "on leave."


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