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Dec 14, 2014

ANONYMOUS#OP KILLING BAY: major targets identified – Taiji enablers will suffer

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ANONYMOUS#OpKillingBay: major targets identified – Taiji enablers will suffer


Dolphins Massacred Annually In Bloody Rites Of Passage To Adulthood
Greetings citizens of the World
We are Anonymous

We have identified the major targets who are Taiji enablers that need to be death with – if we find more along the way – which we expect to – they will suffer a similar fate. So on with the show.
These 5 first groups virtually have the power to stop Taiji but instead all profit from the massacre. And in fact, WAZA & IMATA are often seen at Taiji assisting in choosing dolphins for captivity. DDos is great but defacing their site and leaving a message from #OpKillingBay is preferable because it becomes a tangible piece of evidence that is more damaging to them and it makes great eye candy for the media & PR . Just be careful. This is not child’s play.
Ultimately accessing Waza & Imata servers, emails and accounts is the main goal, for it is there we can find evidence to use them against. IE. Proof they support Taiji, Pay-offs, bribes, illegal importing of dolphins, ETC. (Complicit in supporting Taiji) (members) (Complicit in supporting Taiji) (Complicit in supporting Taiji) (Jap Min of Fisheries)

There are countless aquariums who fuel the dolphin & whale hunts.
Hitting/defacing their sites and leaving our message is a must. But for the sheer audacity of it, hi-jacking a twitter feed especially Seaworld’s would be a PR win for us and another fucking embarrassment for Seaworld. (Enabler the BIG ones: Abuse: Corruption: Greed: Etc) (Twitter) (Enabler get their dolphins from Taiji) (Twitter) (Enabler) (Twitter) (Enabler get their dolphins from Taiji) (Enabler brutal abuse record get their dolphins from Taiji) (Enabler holding pen for dolphins in Taiji) (Enabler) (Enabler) (Enabler holding a captive orca whale Morgan for over 20 years)

Taiji police have been harassing and arresting anyone who tries to capture images from Taiji.
They have been paid off and are corrupt as shit. (Taiji Police)
OTHER TAIJI SPECIFIC SITES _PMO (PMO of Japan) (Taiji fishing company) (Taiji small boat whaling association) (Taiji Fisheries Co-operative) (Tokyo Olympic committee refuse to acknowledge Taiji)
Be safe. Be smart. Be committed.

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