Europe between past and future

Dec 31, 2014

Bonne Annee de Radio Caroline/Rainbow / New QSL card of Radio Caroline/Rainbow

Rising to the moment in the climate march. Let’s build this magic in 2015!
Things feel fragile right now.

War is spreading, the politics of fear is rising, we're decimating our planet, and climate change threatens our survival.

And yet -- the power of women is rising, democracy and the internet are spreading, and global poverty has been cut in half -- never have ordinary people had more power to meet these challenges, and decide our own fate.

It feels like we're poised on the edge between our deepest dreams and oldest fears, and we face a choice - to rise to this moment, or let it fall.

Will humanity rise? It might depend, in part, on us. There's 40 million of us now, the largest global community like this ever. This fall, millions of us changed the political game on climate change. It was magical. As inspiring as the thousands of us who put our hands up to risk our lives on the front line of the Ebola fight. And the millions of us who took action to protect our oceans and defeat a Monsanto mega-project.

From politicians, media and people, I'm hearing the same thing - we're bringing hope. And hope is the game changer. Hope, is how we rise.

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