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Jan 20, 2015

The true face of PEGIDA organizer Lutz Bachmann / Prosecutor Dresden (Germany) is considering criminal sedition against him

The true face of PEGIDA organizer Lutz Bachmann / Prosecutor Dresden (Germany) is considering criminal sedition against him

 Dresden - media and politicians are always criticized by PEGIDA, they would make the movement and its makers in the right corner. Too bad if the PEGIDA boss Bachmann becomes itself.

Photos and profiles of the conversation PEGIDA eV Club Chairman Lutz Bachmann (41) take a very dubious image of the founder of the now famous civil rights movement.

Is he a wolf in sheep's clothing?

In an exchange of words with Facebook, which revolves around a refugee camp, Bachmann called refugees as "Gelumpe", "dirt Pack" and "brutes". The gaffes are from the September 2014 - just before PEGIDA left on a first demo in Dresden!

MOPO24 spoke to the woman who was with Bachmann in the Facebook chat. She is shocked: "He spoke often disparaging remarks about other people who did not meet his expectations. But this was the height. When I confronted him with the statements, he blocked my profile. "

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent MOPO24 now and prints screenshots course of this conversation.

But that's not all: Lutz Bachmann posted some time ago, long before his medial advancement, a photo of himself as Adolf Hitler styled on his Facebook profile. With the caption: "He's back!"

Soon he released a picture of a trailer of the racist secret society Ku Klux Klan with the sentence: "Three K's a day keeps minorities far" and wrote by hand said: "Had Grossenhain possibly even work ... so now habense a Hotel asylum seekers ". Marked in the photo is the way Achim Exner: Board of Dresdner AfD, Orga member of PEGIDA and former security chief at Dynamo Dresden.

From trailer circles and PEGIDA organization is now spoken of co

unterfeits. PEGIDA opponents would have produced the best to denigrate the movement. But MOPO24 is before the original conversation history.

Strange also that Bachmann after the first signs of surfing his entire Facebook profile deleted on which the Notes were found.
A questionable response to alleged "fakes".

MOPO24 tried in the early afternoon on PEGIDA spokeswoman Kathrin Oertel (36) and of Lutz Bachmann even to get an opinion.

On Monday, had been in the Saxon State Agency for Civic Education (Dresden) their first press conference ever Bachmann and Oertel. The hotel manager, Frank Richter (54) is shocked by the new revelations: "If I had known this, I would not have let Lutz Bachmann in my house."

Bachmann responds with Facebook

On the MOPO24 Facebook page Lutz Bachmann replied on Tuesday, shortly before 16 clock: "Christoph Maria Herbst liked it when I told him the photo for publication of satirical audiobook" "did He's back on the wall You have to sometimes. even take a ride. "

This refers to the actor Christioph Maria Herbst ("Stromberg"), who also spoke the audiobook "He's back" of Timur Vermes. In the novel, Hitler returns to earth and runs through Berlin.

 What does the prosecutor?

The Leipzig People's Daily reported in the afternoon that the Dresden chief prosecutor Wolfgang Klein already check the initial suspicion of sedition and "Bachmann in sight" have. But opposite MDR 1 Radio Saxony Klein said. "We will take action if we have the facts in hand" If it turns out that there was this one would have to examine the information to evaluate them, "But we need something. in his hand. "

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